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Vertical Dynamics — A Good Choice for Firefighters and First Responders

Vertical Dynamics — A Good Choice for Firefighters and First Responders

Find out how Vertical Movement can save you not only time and space in your station but also produce results that will make a difference in the performance of everyone who uses it.

After watching the video be sure to download this informative PDF on how Vertical Movement is a good choice for Firefighters and First Responders.

Vertical Dynamics brings you the Vertical Movement System™.

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Client Story – Larry Coats – San Angelo, TX

Client Story – Larry Coats – San Angelo, TX

Larry Coats – San Angelo, TX
Vertical Dynamics Pro: Anthony “AC” Carnevale

Today we got a great shot of Larry Coats (Roper and World Class Saddle Maker) on the V4.

Larry Coats was born in Juniata, Nebraska, and went to TSTI in Amarillo, Texas, to learn how to build saddles. Larry has 42 years of experience in saddle making, and he has owned and operated Coats Saddlery for 27 years building the industry-leading Coats saddles. He is also a team roper who knows what cowboys need in a saddle, and he makes sure they get what they want.  Larry’s facility is located outside of San Angelo, Texas where they custom build Coats saddles. Be sure to check out his website: http://www.coatssaddlery.com/

“It’s unbelievable! I just did a minute or so on the Vertical Movement System, and I could feel how my whole body was worked. But, it felt good! At my age, I feel it will help me build up my muscle tone, so I can perform better in the roping pen and in the saddle shop building Coats saddles. I have a busy schedule, and I’m excited to know that Vertical Movement can help me at home and in a fraction of time.”

-Larry Coats

#GetVertical – Vertical Explosion – Get Fit Today!

#GetVertical – Vertical Explosion – Get Fit Today!


Vertical Dynamics is a company with a passion to help people live long, live strong and live well. Our foundation is built on knowledge and experience in the fields of health and fitness with the understanding and care to help people discover and unleash the vitality that exists within themselves.

It is the goal of Vertical Dynamics to be the catalyst for improving people’s lives by providing the tools and support that allows the Vertical Dynamics’ Community to maximize the potential of G-NAT™ Vertical Movement Systems™.

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