It is the goal of Vertical Dynamics to be the catalyst for improving people’s lives by providing the solutions and support to help you look and feel your best!

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Anthony “AC” Carnevale

Anthony “AC” Carnevale


Anthony’s career has spanned the athletic, fitness/nutrition, therapy and medical aesthetics industries. A former athlete and baseball player, Anthony has been involved with businesses and products related to  helping maintain the human body from an early age.

“I enjoy helping people, and Vertical Dynamics was founded with the simple principle of helping people look and feel their best. We all know that ageing is a process we are all subject to. Whether it’s how we look and/or feel, it’s a real thing that everybody has to personally deal with. I have spent my entire adult life trying to figure out and research new, time-tested and innovative ways to slow or, in some cases, reverse the effects of ageing. I want to look and feel good in my ‘Golden Years’ and have the ability to still be active. We all have to embrace the fact that we can’t stop the clock, however, we don’t have to go gracefully into the night. 🙂 To fight against time, we must be proactive with our own personal maintenance. Whether it’s skin care, aesthetic treatments, nutrition/fitness programs and/or other products, I will continue to share with people the best, result-oriented procedures, treatments, programs and/or products that I can personally provide or recommend to fight against the clock.”