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What is G-NAT™

(Global Neuromuscular Activation Technology)

G-NAT™ is an innovative product line designed to take exercise results to the next level through science and technology. The mission of G-NAT™ is to improve the life of as many people as possible by producing products that are safer and more ergonomic for the body. G-NAT™ is a sustainable exercise modality for everyone of all ages, sizes and condition levels.

Results come fast with less time invested!

The G-NAT™ product line is designed to be an individual exercise system that allows the user to begin at their own intensity level and progress at their own pace. G-NAT™ products are designed to be more efficient for the body, therefore, saving the user precious time while delivering improved results.

G-NAT™ products can be seamlessly implemented into many different environments to enhance results and performance. The science is based on the actual mechanics and physiology of the body; the individual’s body and physiology dictates the function of the products. As applied to the user, G-NAT™ products deliver results to the de-conditioned or injured individual, as well as the extreme athlete, and everyone in-between.

We invite you to review the results documented in the G-NAT™ Independent Clinical Effectiveness Review – tested in an independent laboratory environment by a respected, non-commissioned, industry testing facility, Welltec® Human Performance Lab. The Welltec® study focused on Central Nervous System (CNS) response, balance and stability, metabolic response, orthopedics and joint impact.