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Full Name: Alisa Alfonso – Pueblo, CO
Age: 47

I first learned about the Vertical Movement System in the Spring of 2017. I had an ACL Reconstruction on right knee, and I had a lot of knee pain and knee joints were stiff. I was having a difficult time squatting, and out of shape.

It was a great overall workout for the whole body. I didn’t have any pain in my knee joints while doing the movements. It is very easy to use. I actually started to feel results after the first day.

Now after using it for 10 months, I feel stronger, have better balance and coordination, and I can actually squat now, pain-free. It gives my whole body a workout. I actually look forward to working out daily.

I think that what I like most is that it gives me a full body workout; I can get my heart rate up, and it takes minimal time out of my day to work out.

My son also tore his ACL and we wanted him to use it to rehab. His results have been amazing and he was actually cleared for sports in 6 months, one month earlier than estimated by the Doctor.

-Alisa Alfonso

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