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Interview with: Anne Stewart – April 2018
Vertical Dynamics PRO: Debbie Wilde

I said yes to the equipment because I understood the concept and needed it as quickly as possible to help me with my arthritic hip!!!!!!

After a demonstration of how to use it, it was simple and easy to follow through on my own with the use of the chart posted in front of me as I work out.  Key concepts shared initially were crucial to my feeling confident to go on my own immediately.

I began using the equipment December 1 and use it consistently and with the “no compression” concept, it makes it comfortable moving my hip with no restrictions.

I love it when I am at home and if my hip is bothering me, I go and do the exercise I think will make the difference or do a downward dog and child pose and it is literally back to feeling better.

The key thing I say about it always……..it makes the difference significantly!!!!!!!

The added piece of information is that this piece of equipment has already paid off and will continue to serve me the rest of my life whatever else might show up.  (It truly has a “dynamic” effect on my life…….to utilize the name of the business!!!!!!!)

Keep things going “vertically!”


-Ann Stewart, April 2018


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