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Interview with: Eric M. Clark, D.C. – April 2018
Age: 47
Vertical Dynamics PRO: Anthony “AC” Carnevale

I first heard about the Vertical Dynamics™ when a patient brought in some literature and asked my opinion.

I was prompted to try the Vertical Movement System™ because of the science behind it is neurologically sound. I was amazed by the system from the beginning and felt instant results when using it. I’ve been using the system now for 6 months.

Some of the key benefits I have seen personally from Vertical Movement™ is that strength and endurance have significantly increased. I actually feel 20 years younger.

I love how fast it works and I love that I can get a workout in less than 10 minutes. Not only that there are multidimensional uses for it.

-Eric M. Clark, D.C.

Some of the multidimensional uses of the Vertical Movement System are:

  • Staying Young
    • Rehabilitation
    • Physical Therapy
  • Active Professional
    • Firefighter
    • Police
    • First Responder Medical
    • Search & Rescue
    • Assisted Living Care Providers
    • Warehouse Workers
    • Construction
    • Athlete
  • Active Personal Life
    • Health and Wellness focused
    • Pain and Therapy Related
    • Athlete
  • Industry Professionals
    • Doctors
    • Physical Therapist
    • Chiropractor
    • Alternative Medicine and Wellness Professionals
    • Concierge Personal Trainers
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