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Interview with Jean Simonson of Rifle, CO Age: 49
Vertical Dynamics PRO: Debbie Wilde

I first heard about the Vertical Movement System from friends Debbie and Mike Wilde. I was especially concerned about my hips. I do a lot of biking and other outdoor activities and my hips have gotten extremely tight.

The science behind this makes sense.  Within only seconds of getting on the VMS, I could feel my whole body reacting.  I was nearly instantly able to sense that the VMS would make a difference for me.  I like that I can get a full body workout with no stress on my joints.

A person can spend only minutes addressing many issues at the same time. You can’t do this in a gym on a regular “gym” style workout program.  I also like that it is one of the smallest pieces of “gym” equipment I have ever seen.

-Jean Simonson

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