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Michael Machone

Michael Machone

Interview with Michael Machone – April 2018
Age: 56
Vertical Dynamics PRO: Anthony “AC” Carnevale

I was in interested in Vertical Movement after discussing it with Anthony. My lower back would hurt during work, and my goal was to improve my posture, balance, and coordination.

We purchased a V6 Free-Standing Vertical Movement System from Vertical Dynamics about 10 months ago. I wanted the V6 for the versatility of being able to move it around. I wasn’t what I’d call out-of-shape when I started using the VMS because I had been exercising, and I ride my bike to work. However, after I began doing Vertical Movement, I noticed it made my up-hill bike ride home a lot easier, and my lower back didn’t hurt as much at work. I’ve also noticed that my posture is straighter.

When I’m working out on my VMS, I’m amazed at how quickly my heart rate goes up, and I feel like I get a good total body workout. This has helped me when I go to the mountains. It’s easier to hike and I’m not out of breath at higher elevations. Also, my knees don’t hurt when I’m descending hills like they used to.

Vertical Movement is a good way to stay in shape and a system that I will continue to use as I get older. I feel like I get a good workout in a short period of time, and I can work out in my home any time of day.

Michael Machone, April 2018

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