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Interview with Michelle L. Martinezjunco of Las Vegas, NV Age: 59
Vertical Dynamics PRO: Anthony “AC” Carnevale

I first heard about the Vertical Movement System from Pattianne. I had 3 surgeries in my left and right foot and I have lower back problems to the point that I can’t lay flat on my stomach or back. I can’t get up on my own and I have arthritis in both thumbs which may be carpal tunnel. I have type II diabetes elevated blood pressure and restless leg syndrome on top of going through menopause.

When I first tried the Vertical Movement System I was so excited. I felt motivated, my head was positive and my muscles felt great. I started feeling great almost immediately after only using it for a few minutes.

I love the idea that I can see results in muscle strength and range of motion having used the system for only a few minutes.

Michelle L. Martinezjunco

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