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Interview With: Joe Saccomanno – February 22, 2018
Vertical Dynamics PRO
: Anthony “AC” Carnevale
Reason for use:  Stroke Victim
Age:  71

“On 2/11/2011, I had a major stroke which ultimately affected my total right side, but mostly my right hand and right leg. After regular physical therapy for about a year and a half, no more therapy was authorized by my insurance company at which time my mobility was status quo. I still had issues with mobility, strength, and coordination on my right side. Then Anthony (AC) Carnevale introduced me to the Vertical Movement System. The first time I tried Vertical Movement, I couldn’t step up to the first step with my right leg. It didn’t take long for me to become aware that my mobility, strength, and coordination was improving dramatically after using the Vertical Movement System just a few times. I can now step up from the first to the third step with my right leg. Another amazing thing is the cardio benefits that I get from just minutes of Vertical Movement. I am grateful to Anthony for introducing me to the Vertical Movement System, and I highly recommended him and this system to others. All physical therapists should use this system and program.”-Joe Saccomanno

Joe uses the Vertical Movement System three times a week.  He introduced the system to his therapist, Dr. Eric Clark.  Dr. Clark was so impressed with the impact for Joe that he bought a Vertical Movement System for his therapy/chiropractic practice where other patients are now experiencing remarkable results.



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