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Date: January 2018
Name: Mary Gipson
Vertical Dynamics PRO: Anthony “AC” Carnevale
Reason for Use: Guillain-Barré Syndrome
Age:  58

“I can walk again without my cane!”

In November 2016 I had shingles which set off Guillain-Barré Syndrome. This is a disease that kills off your nerves starting in your feet and works its way up your body. I had zero feeling from my knees down when I was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré. It took many medical blood treatments to stop the spread of this disease. I had recovered very minimal feeling in my legs and feet when I was sent to physical therapy. The exercises they were having me do were nonproductive and I stopped after many appointments because it was expensive, and it wasn’t helping.

When AC discussed Vertical Movement with my husband and me, we decided to try it out. At this time I was still walking with a cane and had serious balance issues. The small things that I had taken for granted prior to this disease were still difficult, such as, standing, walking, bending over, walking up or down stairs, etc. Basically, everyday life things.

In my first short session on the Vertical, AC just had me do small movements that weren’t easy at first, but the movements got easier rapidly during the session. The best way I can explain this is that the Vertical was reminding my brain how to send messages to my feet and legs. I might have actually done 5 minutes “on” the Vertical, or as AC calls it “on arch,” during my first session, but by the end of my session, I could step up to the second step with both feet.

After three short sessions, I am able to climb to the third step and do more movements easily. I can walk again without my cane! I can also bend over without holding on to something and feeling like I’m going to fall down. I can walk backward. I can walk up and down stairs with both legs and everyday life things have gotten easier. These might not seem like a big deal to most people, but if you ever lose the ability to do those little everyday life abilities that we take for granted. Trust me! You’ll understand that these things are huge.

I am more than impressed with what Vertical Movement has done for me in a very short time. This company has done its homework, and I can see how the VMS is a very useful and important asset to everybody   

-Mary Gipson, January 2018



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