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Jessica Connell of Las Vegas, Nevada takes on the Vertical Dynamics 6-minute Vertical Challenge.

The goal of the Vertical Challenge is to test an individual’s Vertical Strength and Conditioning. What we mean is: let’s test your Real Life Functional Strength and Condition. It looks simple, right, compared to your workout regimen?! Just 6 minutes on the VMS™ is a standard protocol that we use in the Vertical Community as a workout or goal to reach as Verticizers improve their Vertical Strength and Conditioning. The 6-minute Vertical Challenge is not designed to be unattainable by any means; it’s just a simple, 6-minute marker which will show you the total systemic, intensity difference of Vertical Movement™ as compared to other modalities.

The Vertical Challenge is 6 minutes (30 seconds of each of the 12 Life Movements™) on the VMS without rest or stopping. The individual must maintain proper form, be on the second step of the VMS™ and have their hands placed at their true or perfect base form position on the handle bars during each Life Movement™. No rest, Can’t stop, Must transition from one Life Movement™ to the next without hesitation.

You work out, right?! A piece of cake! 6 minutes is nothing!

But are you really as strong and in as good of condition as you could be? Are you in Vertical Condition?

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