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Tanna Loder of Las Vegas, Nevada takes on the Vertical Dynamics 6-minute Vertical Challenge.

After doing the six minute Vertical Challenge, parts of my body were sore in places that don’t get sore from the gym. Especially my back, my forearms, and my fingers . It was unbelievable what the Vertical Challenge workout was able do in just minutes.

Tanna Loder

The goal of the Vertical Challenge is to test an individual’s Vertical Strength and Conditioning. What we mean is: let’s test your Real Life Functional Strength and Condition. It looks simple, right, compared to your workout regimen?! Just 6 minutes on the VMS™ is a standard protocol that we use in the Vertical Community as a workout or goal to reach as Verticizers improve their Vertical Strength and Conditioning. The 6-minute Vertical Challenge is not designed to be unattainable by any means; it’s just a simple, 6-minute marker which will show you the total systemic, intensity difference of Vertical Movement™ as compared to other modalities.

The Vertical Challenge is 6 minutes (30 seconds of each of the 12 Life Movements™) on the VMS without rest or stopping. The individual must maintain proper form, be on the second step of the VMS™ and have their hands placed at their true or perfect base form position on the handle bars during each Life Movement™. No rest, Can’t stop, Must transition from one Life Movement™ to the next without hesitation.

You work out, right?! A piece of cake! 6 minutes is nothing!

But are you really as strong and in as good of condition as you could be? Are you in Vertical Condition?

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