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Juan Martinezjunco – Las Vegas Nevada – Client Story

Juan Martinezjunco – Las Vegas Nevada Vertical Dynamics Pro: Anthony “AC” Carnevale Meet Juan Martinezjunco. He is retired military, and his wife Michelle is a veteran Vertical Movement System user as well as being a military veteran herself. It looks like Michelle...

Regina Hull – Las Vegas Nevada – Client Story – Session 6

Day 6 and I’m doing the 12 Life Movements and can definitely feel the changes. AC ask me about the numbness in my fingers and I honestly don’t know when it stopped…I actually don’t care when or how it stopped, I’m just so glad it did!

Regina Hull – Las Vegas Nevada – Client Story – Session 4

This is Regina’s 4th day using the Vertical Movement System™. Things for her are already changing for the better! She’s moving more easily, has less pain, and is really feeling it!

EVENT – August 24th at 11am – ENVOGUE Salong & Spa

Come and Join us on Friday, August 24th from 11am-2pm @envoguesalonlasvegas to try out The Vertical Movement System, hope to see you all there!
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UPDATE with Michelle Martinezjunco of Las Vegas, NV

Follow-Up with Michelle L. Martinezjunco of Las Vegas, NV Age: 59 Vertical Dynamics PRO: Anthony “AC” Carnevale We are talking again with Michelle Martinezjunco about her experience on the Vertical Movement System (VMS) now that she has been using it for some time....

Regina Hull – Las Vegas Nevada – Client Story – Session 3

Day 3 and I’m back. I’m definitely feeling the workout in my muscles now and I’m still managing my pain better. I can feel my core is getting stronger and can see the changes in my activities throughout the day.

Regina Hull – Las Vegas Nevada – Client Story – Session 2

Regina is returning for her second day of using the Vertical Movement System, Check out what Regina has to say about the Vertical Movement System™ Day 2.

Client Story – Regina Hull – Las Vegas Nevada

I was very skeptical at first and now I’m definitely convinced and hope this is a way to not only stay fit which is important to me but may help me avoid needing to have surgery.

Client Story – Larry Coats – San Angelo, TX

Today we got a great shot of Larry Coats (Roper and World Class Saddle Maker) on the V4.

Client Story – Tim Haugen – Door County Wisconsin

Listen to what Tim has to say about the Vertical Movement System™.

We Love Hearing from YOU — The #getVertical Community

One of the great things about those who #getVertical is they become a part of a community of like-minded individuals focused on living a healthy lifestyle. 

Client Story – Lisa Acosta & Tammy Heier – Las Vegas

I was surprised that it didn’t hurt to do the 12 movements. I could feel the various weaknesses in my body but I was able to do the workout without discomfort. Not only that, I was able to do it in a dress!
-Tammy Heier

Client Story – Terra Lange – Las Vegas

I’m a 62-year-old horse owner and barrel rider. Since putting my horse on barrels, I’m beginning to notice that it’s difficult to mount from the ground, and I’m not about to mount the old lady way with a stool. I’m also a long distance runner, have a very active job, and two grandchildren.

Client Story – Rob Stehlin – Los Angeles, CA

Rob Stehlin – Florida
Age: 54
Vertical Dynamics PRO: Anthony “AC” Carnevale
Rob is a coach and trainer to individuals looking to manage weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle through a dietary approach.

Client Story – Analia – Las Vegas, NV

Today Analia is trying out the Vertical Movement System for the first time. She tried the 20-second interval training.

Client Story – Dr. Jenny Sanders, ABPM & Steve Sisler – San Francisco, CA

This system is fantastic and the benefit our patients will be able to achieve based on their rehab and recovery…unlimited possibilities. The system is easy to learn, small focused movements that are effective. We are very excited to include the Vertical Movement System in our clinical model.

-Dr. Jenny Sanders, ABPM

Client Story – Alisa Alfonso – Pueblo, CO

I first learned about the Vertical Movement System in the Spring of 2017. I had an ACL Reconstruction on right knee, and I had a lot of knee pain and knee joints were stiff. I was having a difficult time squatting, and out of shape.

Client Story – Anthony Alfonso – Pueblo, CO

I heard about the Vertical Movement System last spring when I tore my ACL. It was suggested as a part of my rehabilitation.

Client Story – Rem Jackson – Las Vegas, Nevada

I initially heard about the Vertical Movement System™ while attending an event in Dallas, TX with my wife, Dianne Jackson. I am excited about the system losing weight and feeling better.

Vertical Exclusive with Antwon Burton – Former NFL Defensive Tackle

Find out what Antwon Burton, former NFL defensive tackle and owner of "Next Level Performance" in Pueblo, Colorado has to say about the Vertical Movement System. Antwon is an athletic trainer and performs philanthropic work in and around Pueblo. He trains elite...

Client Story – Follow Up – Michelle L. Martinezjunco

Client Story Follow up with Michelle Martinezjunco and Vertical Pro Anthony “AC” Carnevale.

Client Story – Diane Jackson – Las Vegas, Nevada

I initially heard about the Vertical Movement System™ while attending an event in Dallas, TX. I have been having shoulder pain that I want to alleviate so I was interested in trying it out. -Dianne Jackson

Client Story – Carrie Riddle – Las Vegas_Nevada

I have had neck pain from an injury since my 30’s. I was happily surprised and experienced immediate relief and better movement in my neck. -Carrie Riddle

Client Story – Jean Simonson – Rifle, Colorado

Interview with Jean Simonson of Rifle, CO Age: 49 Vertical Dynamics PRO: Debbie Wilde I first heard about the Vertical Movement System from friends Debbie and Mike Wilde. I was especially concerned about my hips. I do a lot of biking and other outdoor activities and...

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12 Life Movements™

None of us have much time in today’s world to take care of ourselves. We spend most of our time working and taking care of others.

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3-6 minutes of your time getting Vertical can make the rest of your day and your life so much better.

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Vertical Movement™ changes the way you  exercise. Now being healthy is a lifestyle not a chore.



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Clinical studies have shown that motor areas in the cerebral cortex, involved in the planning and performance of movement, provide a substantial input to the adrenal medulla. One of these areas is a portion of the primary motor cortex that is concerned with the control of axial body movement and posture. This input to the adrenal medulla may explain why core body exercises are so helpful in modulating responses to stress. -University of Pittsburg, Neuroscience Department

Vertical Dynamics™ is a company founded by Anthony “AC” Carnevale to help people, regardless of age, fitness level or time constraints, understand and implement a modality that can efficiently help produce results for brain and overall body fitness, along with pain reduction and therapy uses. G-NAT™ Vertical Movement Systems™ allow the user to begin at their own level and progress at their own pace. In the absolute minimum of time per day in your home or office, Vertical Movement™ can simply be a means of stretching and decompressing or, at the other end of the spectrum be used for an overall body workout that will challenge the most elite athlete and help them shatter plateaus and attain higher levels of performance. It is the goal of Vertical Dynamics™ to provide the tools and support for its customers and be the catalyst for improving people’s lives.